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How to stay close to far away grandkids

I’m always thinking of ways to stay close to far away grandkids, in this instance, Japan. Before they moved to Japan they lived in North Carolina. Soon after my first grandchild was born we moved from Georgia to North Carolina to be close to him. Since we already worked from home the transition was doable. I’m originally from North Carolina and most of my family is there. My husband’s elderly parents live in Virginia so it also made it easier for us to check on them. An important factor for me was my daughter in law was going back to work and I didn’t want my grandbaby to go to daycare. I kept my grandson 8-5 during the week. This occurred from the time he was six months until he was two and heading off to Japan.

When I say I was totally devastated when he left please realize that that was an understatement. Creating ways to stay close to far away grandkids, though he was the only one at the time became paramount. Those of you that have also had grandchildren that moved away can understand my heartache. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Skype and Facetime I don’t know what I would have done. Of course I had a few ideas such as getting the Navy SEALS to extract my grandbaby in the middle of the night and bring him home to Grandma! I didn’t know exactly how to make that happen but I mentioned the possibility to my son and daughter in law on several occasions and they laughed like I was joking.

My grandson and I have a special bond and lots of pictures and memories together. I also wanted to make sure he had physical memories to take to his new home. Listed below are my ten crucial things to pack for your grandkids that are moving far away. Maybe you can think of others and can share them with me.

  • A photo album with pictures of the grandkids and you having fun together and creating beautiful memories.
  • Favorite books you read to them or with them that you can continue on Skype.
  • A talking picture frame with your picture, so they can hear “I Love You” or whatever special message you decide to record anytime they press the button.
  • An older iPad filled with educational games you’ve played together, plus pictures and videos to help reinforce memories you’ve shared.
  • Decorate a special box with holiday and birthday cards, banners and other keepsakes from you.
  • Print index cards with your favorite recipes they love so their parents can make them.
  • A special blanket you always wrapped around them while reading or cuddling on the sofa, or anything you knitted just for them.
  • Anything you had personalized with their names, such as a Nod chair or a colorful children’s bookcase.
  • Buy 2 pairs of StrideRite shoes, perhaps a sneaker and a casual shoe (family tradition). My kids and grandkids loved the attention of getting measured and choosing their own shoes. I love knowing they have well-made and well-fitted shoes.
  • A large calendar with a pack of stickers to show upcoming dates for visits to them or from them to create excitement and anticipation.

This was a military move and the government packed up the contents of their former home and shipped it to their new home. Because of this I was able to also send his Cars bed and matching toy storage from his playroom at our house along with his personalized Nod chair and kid’s bookcase.

Perhaps you can think of other ways to stay close to your grandkids when they live far away? I’d love to hear about them and add them to my list.

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