Why I created Grandparenting with love.

The Grandparenting With Love blog was created because I wanted to help provide the best upbringing possible for my grandchildren. My husband and I are grandparents to three beautiful grandbabies. The youngest grandchild Elias, is almost 3 years old. Our only granddaughter Ivy is 4, and the oldest grandchild, Noah is almost 8 years old.

As a grandparent I want to help provide the best life possible for them. I want to learn everything I can about being an “awesome” grandparent. I also want to use that new information along with love and patience to create positive learning experiences with my grandbabies.

My youngest grandkid and his parents are currently living with me. Because Elias is always around me I get to observe and enjoy him as he reaches each milestone. I was able to see him sit up on his own for the first time and also to watch his facial expression after tasting his first jar of baby food (sweet potatoes). Each day I am able to sing songs, read books and have playful interactions with Elias. He already knows his ABC’s and can count to 30!

However, my two older grandkids now live in Japan with my son and daughter-in-law. As a grandparent it is difficult when your grandkids are not close by. I talk with them by phone, Skype, and Messenger as often as possible but I want to find ways to be more engaged with them. It is very important that I create bonding moments with all of my grandkids, near and far. Since Noah and Ivy are so far away I explore fun projects we can share from a distance. I also look at educational programs, apps, books and toys as a way I can contribute to their learning and growth.

Creating a Grandparenting with love blog allows me to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn with other grandparents. Whether near or far we all want to connect to our grandchildren. I believe other grandparents are also searching for ways to be “awesome” and create positive memories with their grandkids. Some already have great ideas and activities that work well. The goal is to exchange ideas about grandparenting that will benefit both the grandparents and the precious grandkids we love.

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